It is hard for me to imagine how there could be a bad review about Kiwi!  Well....I guess in plumbing/construction there are many ways for things to go wrong, even if you are PERFECT!!  In our experience, Kiwi Plumbing is perfect.  The owner Kevin is on the ball and has done several projects for us that all came out exactly correct and working!!!  But....Kevin takes things one step further.  If something does go wrong, he fixes it immediately, does not complain, and fixes it for FREE!!!!!  It is known in construction that things CAN and DO go wrong....the magic key is WILL THE PERSON FIX IT FOR FREE (if they cause it or they were expected to do something else)?  The answer in this case is.....yes, yes, yes.  Kevin runs his business incredibly responsibly and actually cares for his customers and knows how to treat people.  He cares that the job comes out totally working, 100%, and that you are happy.  Thank you very much Kiwi Plumbing.
— Mark F.
I worked for Kevin for a few months , I'm a certified plumber , drain layer  with sheet metal experience . I found Kevin of KIWI PLUMBING to have a high standard and pleasant to work for. I have since moved from the bay area back to New Zealand and if returned to the bay area would very happy to be part of  a team that takes pride in their work. After nearly 30 years in the trade I've seen a lot of plumbing  , frankly Kevin CARES . He is a sound tradesman.
— Mark N.
Kiwi Plumbing did an extensive plumbing project for us as part of a house renovation.  The project included installing a steam shower, hot-tub, replacing numerous toilets/sinks/appliances, and moving pipes into walls.  We are really happy with their work and follow-up service.
— J.Q.B.
These guys are great, and charge a rate that is far more reasonable than their competitors. I was very happy with the work.
— Warrick D.
Kiwi plumbing is the only contractor I recommend to friends. Kevin has worked on all my homes over the years and once went way out of the way to work on a home I had in Tahoe

The best way to put it is, if you want it done right the first time, then kiwi plumbing is for you.
— Mathew D.
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