Our Simple and Affordable Concrete Pumping Services

Service from Start to Finish
At Dennis Grove Concrete Pumping, we believe that your project should be kept as simple and straightforward as possible. We work with our customers to accomplish the job that they desire.

An Overview of Our Services

A concrete pump places concrete faster with less labor than any other method. You can save money and free up valuable personnel for other duties. Direct placement without re-handling improves concrete quality and reduces labor. A concrete pump causes less congestion than other methods.

There are several advantages to pumping concrete versus chutes and buckets. Pumping assures a steady predictable flow of concrete that enables precise control at the batching source, providing a uniform concrete product and maximizing the utilization of labor at both ends of the production process. There is no other method that can put as much concrete in place as quickly and economically as a pump.

We have a fleet of 9 line pumps and 1 boom pumps to take care of all your pumping needs. We have a 39 meter boom pump.